Does this sound like you?

You want to live well, but you feel confused about where to begin.

Your New Year resolutions launch with a shout and end with a whimper.

You are too busy to sift thru often conflicting health information.

I can help.

Bonnie Church CNC, CLC
The Well-being Strategist





A healthy lifestyle is not doing yet “another” diet or joining a gym. It’s putting together a realistic plan and pacing the process of change. It’s identifying and overcoming the obstacles along the way. My passion is guiding you through that process.


I work alongside a talented consortium of physicians, health professionals and fitness specialists in the execution of strategies to support your goals. Each of us has access to results producing nutraceuticals and systems through Nutrametrix Custom Health SolutionsPhysician testimony here. Community education is also a passion… To that end I launched a community wellness program and served as Chairperson for the APPRHS Cancer Resource Alliance… I spend a lot of time researching and writing about life and health. I am a featured well-being columnist for an award-winning women’s magazine; I served as a contributing writer for an internationally marketed wellness system for kids. I have collaborated with several authors on a variety of writing projects. My latest writing project was with these two amazing guys in the creation of a life coaching manual written from an NFL football players point of view. [Here is a Shameless plug… Buy the book here!]


But there is another side to my life…


My goal is to live simply, give generously and have fun along the way. It’s about hanging out with Michael, my husband and the father of our 2 talented and beautiful daughters [crazy how we met.] – browsing galleries and creating art; appreciating the craftsmanship of Michael, a master woodworker. – doting over my grandkids, Nona, Millie and Vivian –  Eating good food – talking about things that matter – belly laughing with my beloveds  – hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains [my backyard] – or doing absolutely nothing at all.


Is your health status keeping you from the life you want?
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