The goal of any training sessions is simple.

  • Incinerate Fat
  • Tone and build Muscle

Before we get started, let’s dispel some myths and share some facts  that could be standing in the way of your commitment to exercise.

Myths and Facts about Exercise 


START TODAYYou can enjoy many of the benefits of exercise just by intentionally moving more – taking a daily walk with a friend, dancing harder, playing with the kids more often, and loving your partner more passionately. All of these things are a powerful step in the right direction. Start there.

TAKE IT UP A NOTCH: Diversify your exercise options. Get on a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike. Visit the local pool, tennis court or local park. You might want to attend yoga or a martial arts class.  These are a great ways have fun while you reduce stress and increase your strength and flexibility. Here is a  simple plan for adding a mile a day to your walk

GO FOR THE GOLD: However, if you want a noticeably stronger, toner body with curves in all the ‘right’ places, you need to  really work it!