You might need to supplement if…

It sure would be convenient if a vitamin supplement could take the place of real food, but unfortunately, that is not how we are designed. We are designed to eat real food, mostly vegetables [and some fruit] throughout the day. Supplements are to fill in the gaps, and sadly, many of us have gaps.

You might need to supplement if…

– You eat food grown in de-mineralized soil.
– You are sedentary.
– You smoke.
– You drink alcohol in excess [more that 1 – 2 glasses a day]
– You are pregnant or nursing.
– You are over 50
– You have a medical condition
– You are not taking prescriptions medications
– You are not eating a healthy diet.
– You are under-stress
– You are eating processed foods
– You are eating in fast food restaurants

RECOMMENDED READING:  The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating – Eat, Drink and Be Healthy by Dr. Walter Willett MD

Sifting through the forest of supplement options can be confusing. I can help. Suggestion; A Well-being Consultation. This is a personalized well-being consultation to assist you in your quest to support your health goals under the supervision of your health professional.

Not all supplements are alike. Seek supplementation that meets the following criteria.

QUALITY: To make sure what is on the label is in the bottle. Your supplement should be USP and NSF certified. These nonprofit organizations certify that the vitamins are contaminant free and made according to good manufacturing practices.

DISSOLVABILITY AND ABSORBABILITY: The absorption of some vitamins is actually based on and improved by other nutrients. Calcium absorption, for instance, is increased by the presence of vitamin D.  Zinc and vitamin C are known to decrease the absorption and retention of copper in the body. A high intake of calcium may decrease magnesium absorption. Most high quality multivitamin will nutrients that balance each other for proper absorption.

Before nutrients from a supplement can be absorbed, the supplement must be dissolved in the gut.  A way to avoid this issue seek supplements in controlled isotonic form. My prefer supplement line is Isotonix tm.

MY EXPERIENCE:  Isotonix is more like juicing without the mess, time and expense. From my calculations, it would take roughly $18-25 a day to get an unquantified nutrient density that I can get for @$2.50 a day with the Daily Essentials Elixir kit. Add  Heart Health Omega 3 and you covering most, if not all your nutritional gaps.

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