Author: Bonnie Church

Restaurant Strategies.

Let’s face it, everybody loves eating at a restaurant now and then, but it seems almost impossible to make good food choices when faced with so many options. Here are some suggestions for eating well when you’re eating out: Avoid […]

A Hydration Strategy

AIM FOR: 64 ounces a day [or as recommended by your health professional] [more if you are sweating, drinking alcohol or coffee] DOWNLOAD AND PRINT HYDRATION STRATEGY HERE  WHY DRINK WATER? Water is essential to life. It keeps the blood clean […]

A Sleep Strategy

GOAL: 8 HOURS A DAY WHY? While you enjoy your rest, your body is hard at work. A construction crew consisting of various hormones are rebuilding and recalibrating your body. Some of the things they do: Erase fine lines on your face […]